Michelle Ward: What's Your Sign?

In Michelle Ward's monthly crusade for November, she challenged us to find our "Sign."
 Something that reminded you of a loved one, your childhood...a symbol you related to. Me? I found nothing. So, here's my sign:

A question mark. Kind of fitting, because my life right now is a giant question mark.

I hope one day to find something more substantial, meaningful...but this will have to do for now.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving...Jack says it too

Yep. He's wearing a green HOODIE with a peppermint on it that says "Sweet." HAHA. I laughed for about 10 minutes when I came home to my roommate going "I bought Jack his Christmas present."


  1. Happy Thanksgiving and Jack looks handsome in his hoodie!

  2. Dawn, thanks for sharing your page, and your honest thoughts. As you shop for ones you love for the holidays I will wager you might think of at least one *sign*.

  3. If someone had asked me about signs when I was 20, I wouldn't have had an answer. If they had asked me at 30, I would have had the beginnings, as I had my first sign when I knew I was pregnant before I was even late. The sign I wrote about on my post occurred in my 40s. My point? You'll have your signs eventually!

  4. Yep, maybe there is no sign for now. No worries. I'm with Teri - one day you'll suddenly think "omg, it's a sign". Until then, a ? is good. And that cat? Hilarious. And cute too :-)

  5. I understand your problem finding your sign. The way I made a page with a sign is not exactly the way Michelle described it. But nevertheless it was good to think about it and it made me more aware. Love your page by the way.

  6. This was definitely a tough one for a lot of us, me included, and easy for others. It'll all come in good time. Meanwhile, have fun! :-))) xoxo