Following the work of Arlene Steinberg

Would you have believed that this painting is done in colored pencils?
I am pretty sure I would have found that hard to believe a year ago.
I have coveted Arlene Steinberg for a while.
Her colored pencil work astounds me. This is my favorite one of all.
I finally purchased her book, Masterful Color
and it was worth every penny.
I admit, I am an art book junkie. Some books don't have a long shelf life,
but this one is truly amazing. In terms of teaching technique,
it might be my favorite. She uses a complementary color
underpainting in her works. It befuddled me for a long time.
Make something green before red?!
I am now a believer--I have not been happy with my previous
attempts at "serious" colored pencil works.
I will gladly say that I am PROUD of this.
This was taken in poor lighting, and at an angle...so the grapes and pear are squashed.
First of all--I am not a very good at drawing. 
These are simple shapes, but I am still proud that you can tell what they are!
As you can see, this is the complementary coloring part.
The pear will be yellow...so all the shadows are purple.
The grapes will be red, so the shading is green.
Second step...start adding the local colors (sorry for the bad picture)
Step 3...keep layering (the secret in colored pencil work: LOTS AND LOTS of light layers)
the local colors. This piece used about 15 different pencils.
The finished product! 
As you may see...I messed up on the shadows with the grapes.
Oh well, this was purely to learn.
Arlene does very specific tutorials in her book, 
so I can't take too much credit...but I learned a lot about her technique
from this one.
The best part? There are at least 4 or 5 left in her book,
and this is of course, the easiest one.
If you are at all interested in colored pencil as a medium,
check her out.

Also, I promise not to be so MIA. I've ignored my little blog.
This fall has introduced a lot of change in my life,
and the holidays are not so fun for me.
But the new year is soon...and I have to hope 2012 
will treat me better than 2011.
Which reminds me!!! Check out what online class I signed up for!
She even wrote a book that is coming out next spring!
This painting is just a small example of her amazing work.
I am so so excited. (In case you couldn't tell by all the !!!)
I am also so so scared. 
I know enough now that "learning" someone else's technique
is no guarantee that yours will look anything like theirs.
AND, her entire course and painting method is intuitive.
I do NOT do intuitive art work.
My brain shuts down when I try to just "go with the flow"
So, I am afraid of failing spectacularly.
But the price of admission will be worth it to watch her paint.
I am soooo intrigued!