Free Coloring Pages

Coloring can be so mediative, calming
Perfect for those days when you feel like doing something,
but don't have the energy to do anything strenuous.
My local art store sells those Dover coloring books,
and they are awesome.
I've decided to scan them to my computer and put them
for download on my blog.
If you want to create something beautiful
just by adding color, it is perfect :)
This one is from Tibetian Designs
This is the one I am working on.


Colored Pencil Iris: Finished!

I am proud of myself.
It took a LOT of erasing to get this as accurate
as my skills would allow.
The original (in Arlene Steinberg's book)
is much better (obviously)...but you can definitely tell this is a flower.
I am into week 2 of Flora Bowley's Bloom True e-course.
L-O-V-E it!!! 
I didn't expect to like working on big canvases as much as I have.
Its still hard to "let go" and let intuition guide me...
but I am trusting the process and Flora.


More colored pencil work

Hi Folks! Its been awhile, huh? The holidays are never easy for me, and i've been sick for a lot of January. That is what I get for working with toddlers :)
I am working on a few projects at the moment. I decided that I should get back to basics by doing an art journal again. I am doing it differently though; I want to prep all the pages ahead of time and then go in and write my thoughts in later, and add in more decorations if I feel like it. I've done about 6 pages so far, I just need to take some pictures!
Flora Bowley's Bloom True online workshop starts TODAY. I am so excited/nervous. Her paintings is all about using your intuition, getting past your logical brain, your constant negative thoughts...etc. This is such perfect timing for this, but I almost never "let go" when I do art. I think about it (even if its just a paint color), and keep thinking re-working while I do it. I am nervous if I will be able to do it, but I'm going to try.
Lastly, I am working on another tutorial from Arlene Steinberg's "Masterful Color" book. This drawing was much harder than a pear and some grapes. I spent the entire superbowl yesterday sketching it! I realized once I put it on my computer that the top petal is too wide and too short, so it needs to be fixed. That being said, I am proud of my work! I have a hard time drawing, and I got to draw from her line drawing so it was easier...but I think it looks like a flower :)

The next step will be fixing the shape and then start adding some 
colored pencil a la Arlene style.
I think now that I am in a class I will be so much more inspired to 
actually do some artwork instead of putzing around,
doing half-finished projects.
That is what I am hoping, so hopefully this blog will be updated more :)