I L-O-V-E to learn. I have always enjoyed being in school, and spend lots of time
researching things that interest me. The newest being art, of course. Last night as I made
yet another hideous journal page, it made me want to learn even more! Weird. Usually I get
frustrated when I can't do something, or when I hit a wall of how far I can go.
This is usually the breaking point for me. I have not had very many interests and
hobbies growing up. Whenever people asked what I liked to do I shrugged and
was like "Umm..I don't know.
I like to read." That was my default answer. What kind of hobby is reading! 

A few years ago I got into photography, and I still enjoy it, but hit a wall
probably about a year ago. I live in a small town and feel like I've explored it all to
take pictures. I've already taken about 10 million pictures of my cat.
What else is there? I have not felt confident enough
to take a class, so my learning curve for photography has hit a sort of plateau. 

I've been doing this art stuff for 8 months now. A newbie. It has been immensely and
thoroughly joyful for me, as well as a big hit on ye olde checking account. Woops.
My art stuff has taken over my bedroom, and sometimes infiltrates into
the living or dining room. My dad so sweetly sends me gift cards to DickBlick to
keep me supplied. (I love him!)
I am constantly pouring through blogs to learn, buy books ocassionally and just wish I knew how to be PERFECT and TALENTED!

Its not too much to ask for, is it? :)

Even though I have no confidence in myself or my abilities, I still am urged onward and
upward. I still will take any course Julie Prichard offers, maybe take an art class in town
and just see where it goes. 

I have never had a dream. 

I have never wanted to be anything.


When I look at my future, it is blank. 

There is a tiny, oh so tiny flicker of illumination in that blank field. 

Maybe it can be filled with art somehow?

I feel like I am cursing myself. I now maybe have a dream? Passion?
What that means to me? Now I have a reason to FAIL at it. 

Now that I have found something I really love doing, it will always be just a hobby.
For the first months of me painting, I always told myself "Just going to do some crafts.
Just throw some paint on paper. Anyone can do it."

While it is true, anyone CAN do it, it does take more than a paintbrush and
paint to make art.

Only recently have I been able to say to myself "I am making artwork." 

Even to myself, that is an accomplishment. 

Baby steps.

If you read this, thanks. I needed to get that off my chest and out in blogworld.
I have no new art journal pages to show (since they've all been so hideous), but here
is Jack bathing at my art table.


Creating your own photo light box...

is fun! and easy! I have been trying to figure out ways to take better pictures of my journal entries and such. Take a gander at my fun with photography this evening :)

Set-up in my dining room "studio"


My roommate takes out my bag of cereal and goes "Create war." lol!

Cool, eh?


Stencil Makin' and Art Journalin'

I am so much more prolific in my painting when I am taking an online class. I wish I had enough money to continuously take them, at least until I felt confident in my own skills and abilities. Tonight I spent time making some stencils. I want to be able to gradually build up my stencil library, because it is so useful! 

I have been having hand problems. It seems like I can't paint/cut out stencils/do anything with my dominant (left) hand for very long without it starting to become very sore :( I don't know if it is because I grip things too tight, or if it is just a downfall of art-making? Anybody have this problem?

The weather is (finally) starting to get warmer out, and I can't wait to start spray painting again! 

Below is a picture of my stencil/masks that I made tonight, and the last few pages of my art journal. Enjoy!



Right after I posted about how I didn't feel like painting (or posting), I felt guilty so I decided to just whip out some markers and Neocolor II crayon's. A simple page inspired by recent events in my life and the Olympics. I LOVE THE OLYMPICS. 

More Color

I have done a color library with all my paints in the past week or two. I haven't been up to painting for real, kind of in a slump right now. It is easy and soothing to paint swatches, and now I have a visual of my library of colors. I also mixed all my primaries and made little books to see all the shades of secondary colors that I can mix with my paint. 


Snow and lots of painting

We got hit with MORE SNOW again over the weekend. Totally crazy. Places like Dulles, and D.C. got slammed with snow. Up to 32" in some points. I can hardly believe it. Here in Cville, we "only" got about 16". Because I was snowed in, I had lots of free time. I wish I could sleep with my art journal, I love it so much :)

I don't have many words to say, so I shall just post pictures.



In the middle of shoveling out my car. I never want to shovel again!

 Now, onto painting