If you are ever in need of a good quote,
Rumi will never fail.
Just yesterday I was going to put a post up here
about what to do when you are so stuck in life,
but can't get past the anger at yourself because of it.
It isn't as easy as one would think, as I've been trying for years.
I ended up not writing it because it is too depressing,
and doesn't have anything to do with art.
And for today, all I focused on was doing bit by bit in my journal.
I leave it out so it stares at me, saying "WORK IN ME."
I'm trying, because right now there isn't much else I can do.
Funny how when I manage to finish any art that it never
portrays how I feel inside.
I like bright colors, and "happy" pages.
I also don't share pages with sad quotes or lyrics,
so that could be part of it too.
Either way, this page makes me happy,
and that I will take.


  1. I just posted a blog and was glad to read yours about not feeling much enthusiasm for anything much.Liked your card and the reminder about Rumi.

  2. I tend towards bright colors, even when I am depressed or dealing with rough stuff. I think it is because I lose myself in them. Color as a kind of escape.
    Rumi rocks, no doubt about it !
    Keep making art, whatever the outcome, Lady. It is so good for ya !
    Light and love !

  3. Love the texture and these yummy pages!