No more Haul-idays

Chronicle books announced their winner today,
and sadly it wasn't me.
Its ok, because I wasn't really expecting to win.
I've been a bad blogger, I'm sorry.
I am working on paintings for my aunts
which seem like they will NOT be done by christmas.
I finally actually started working on them last week,
and I'm in progress on all 4, but they probably need to be
at my Nonni's in two days. That is so not going to happen.
I also need to make a journal for my little cousin.
I'm not sure how I should do it, and whenever I make my own journals,
the stitching is always way too loose--no matter how much I pull
the strings taught :(
Plus, its so cold out!!!
All I want to do (and it usually wins) is curl up under my covers.

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