Post your Art on your walls

Two days in a row of posting!?
I don't know if its because I realized how much
I've been neglecting my art,
or the fact that I got up early today because of therapy,
OR because it was a good therapy session...
Either way, I came home and painted some more.
I looked through my very first art journal pages
and while I had less artistic knowledge,
they radiated true emotion and beauty.
Its been a LONG time since I've done that kind of art.
I think I miss it, and I think it was good for me.
So I hung up some of my old pages.
Sorry for the blurry pics, but my room isn't lit well
and I was too lazy to use a tripod. :)
It is wonderful to be surrounded by your own work,
work that inspires you, makes you smile when you see it.
If you haven't hung up your work (and obviously I did nothing fancy,
just used masking tape on old pages!), DO IT.
You won't regret it.


  1. Another grey cold day and what a good idea to put some work up on the wall .I feel like the day and am in need of something to give me a lift. So many thanks.

  2. Great way to surround yourself with positivity! Hmmmm, you've inspired me, I need more of my own stuff up around here...