Only getting worse...

Hey guys,
just a quick update since its almost been a month.
I am so tired of trying.
I got written up at work today, for substandard performance.
It is one step away from being fired.
How did this get like this?
How am I such a bad employee?
I'm so exhausted from crying,
and can't even turn to artwork when I feel like this.
My paints literally have dust on them.
So please, send me some good vibes.
My little man asleep in bubble wrap.


  1. *hugs*. Sorry life is rough for you now. I'm thinking of you and sending you happy artsy vibes!

  2. Hugs from Germany Dawn!! Hang in there. Play some happy tunes, go for a walk in the sunshine and if the weather is crappy, maybe 10 minutes in the tanning bed (which I know is horrible, but sometimes our skin just needs Vitamin D). Sometimes I like to watch arty movies like Frida Kahlo (i know that's so cliche, but hey - whateveh!!) Hope you're feeling better soon... xxx tj

  3. Sending light and love your way. Look for it in the tiniest thing and see it grow...
    Hugs !

  4. Good vibes coming your way from me, Dawn. Hang in there. And this may be presumptuous of me, but as someone who struggles with anxiety and has watched friends struggle with depression, know that reaching out for help in a tangible way is sometimes necessary. Make sure you are taking good care of yourself, and getting whatever help you may need. Hugs from me to you and lots and lots and lots of good vibes.

  5. Dawn,
    Could you, please read this blog post:

    Carla is the most energetic and fun person, I was so surprised to know that she went through a severe depression, but she managed to beat it, I'm sure you can too.

    All the best,


  6. I realize I'm a total stranger, but I do hope you take care of yourself....you do not have to deal with this alone. There is light, though it may be hard to see. There is help, though it may be hard to ask for. All things worth doing are hard. I wish you strength, hope, and perseverance through this difficult journey. Find fellow travelers and supportive guides and the journey will move forward.

  7. I'm so sorry things have been difficult for you. It seems that these past weeks have been pretty tough for many - you are certainly not alone! Sending much love to you, and good thoughts, and hugs. You'll get through this. Be gentle with yourself. Get enough sleep and eat well. It will be OK.


  8. sorry life is sucky! but you do have a beautiful cat!!