30 Days of Play Winner!

You are the WINNER!!!!!
I will let Spooky know and have her contact you
Send me your e-mail address
to dawnraymond04atgmail.com


  1. Hi Dawn...lovely collage! I joined Spooky's group...it looks like fun!

  2. Dawn, is this your collage? It is marvelous!!! Anyway, I just dropped by to tell you how glad I am that you left that comment on my blog. It's always good to know you're not the only one who is falling down the rabbit hole...and struggling to come back to 'life.' I've added your blog to my reading list so count me as a new friend. Keep your chin up and holler if you want/need to talk.
    Peace & Love,

  3. Your Painting is to awesome! I genuinely liked it!.