Feeling a little experimental...

I don't want to get my hopes up
that I am ready to dive into art making again,
but I managed to finish another journal page over the past few days,
and that is an accomplishment for me.
Inspired by Ray LaMontagne.
His voice and lyrics tap into the pain
and loneliness in a way no other musician has.

Is that sun ever going to break on through the clouds?
Shine down on all its glory onto me,
here upon the ground,
cuz I can't hear a sound except my own sad story
I get so tired staring at the wall
Weight so heavy and that mountain so tall
Is there no one who would catch me if I fall?
Its more than I could take
Wish I could fake it,
Pretend like i dont' know whats going on
Something's wrong; trying to hold on just a little longer.
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?


  1. Keep holding on, Beautiful Dawn. Your gifts are necessary to this world.
    I am so glad for you that you have found the strength to turn to your creativity as an outlet for all you are going through.
    And to sweet tunes. I love Ray too. What a soul-touching voice he has.
    Sending light and love.

  2. Ray LaMontagne holds a special place in my heart, too...he helped me through a painful divorce a few years ago. Talk about a voice for what I was feeling. and I can relate to what you're saying about hardly being able to even finish a page in your art journal...I've been that way lately, too. But it's getting better. I hope it gets better for you, too. Keep the Ray playin' and maybe it will soon.
    Peace & Love,

  3. Dive right in Dawn...you are talented...keep going and don't get in despair whatever's going on...get a pack of index cards or ATC's and do a little art everyday if you can...sending you healing light and love,

  4. Hi Dawn, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment the other day. :) I like how you used the music to help you create - great idea!

  5. i just love all this delicious texture you have going on......and i'm so glad you've found inspiration in your music! have a great weekend! xox

  6. Such pretty, vivid colors against such a sad, soft message.

  7. Just surfing bye... checking on you a bit. I hope you are well Dawn, and keeping it up, working with your art when ever you have the energy and time! how is the sketchbook coming a long? I didn't sign up this year but I hope you're enjoying your theme.

    Take care!