The art of breakfast

I have come out of hibernation.
I am s l o w l y doing different art projects.
I can not tell you how GOOD it feels to 
want to rush home from work so you can draw, paint, dream.
I still need to photograph the few things I have done, 
and then I will post them.
Until then...if you do not know the artwork of
Danny Gregory, you absolutely must 
watch his drawing video, The Art of Breakfast
**Obviously if you do know and love Danny,
you clearly know you must see this video too**
It is beautifully shot (by his son), a piece of art in its own right.
To see Danny in his element is inspiring.
I hope to be posting much more often.


  1. Enjoy the gentle stretches, Dawn. Good to hear your voice.
    Off to look at Danny's video ! I love him !

  2. Wonderful to see you back and enjoying yourself- hope to continue to see more of your work
    Johnina :D