Ballpoint Pen Mandala

This one was worked in spurts, 
sometimes going a week without touching it.
I painted the background with watercolors,
and did the mandala in two different ballpoint pens.
I feel like I may never ever feel very creative again.
Some of the spark is back, but it is sloowww,
and it is not linear.
Work is FINALLY going well, after over a year of 
crises. You know what happens when external
problems are over? You are stuck with yourself.
I'm not liking it very much, but the one saving grace
are the 2 year olds I work with every day.
They are frustrating at times, but oh so charming
and cute and loving.
I'm hanging in there, and keep on hoping maybe
I will consistently do some art.


  1. This is really beautiful work. Horrible when creativity seems to abandon you, especially when we need it as an outlet most... during the difficult times. penny x

  2. Glad to know you are hanging in. I know that feeling of wanting to escape your self sometimes. It is good to have little goblins to help you do that for part of the time.
    Light and love to you, Dawn !

  3. Speechless...
    Wonderful dud....I really like your great effort..
    Romero Britto

  4. Wow! This is truly beautiful! I love it!