Colored Pencil and Mandalas

There is a lot on mandalas on the internet,
about peace, meditation, healing.
I am not sure how much to believe, but I do know that
I can lose myself in creating the repeating patterns.

My interests are so off the wall. One week I want to do ballpoint pen art.
Another, colored pencil.
My acrylics gather dust, and then suddenly I will use them.
This painting is not finished.
It needs something, but I don't know what.
This picture doesn't do it justice--the colors glow off the page.
It just feels good to be putting color to the page again.


  1. What you are using or how you are making stuff is irrelevant. That you are creating stuff is what is good. That I know.
    Hugs are traveling to you...

  2. The mandala looks like fabric...beautiful!!!

  3. Your mandalas in colored pencil are beautiful. And I agree, it is easy to get lost in creating mandalas!