30 Days of Play Winner!

You are the WINNER!!!!!
I will let Spooky know and have her contact you
Send me your e-mail address
to dawnraymond04atgmail.com


30 Days of Play

Hello friends.
Still in the trenches,
but I got a lovely offer from
Spooky to give away a spot
in her new Workshop!
Click here to read all about it.
The workshop opens this friday!!!
Please leave a comment if you would like to win a spot
in her Creative Sparks workshop.
I will pull a winner on Thursday evening.


Only getting worse...

Hey guys,
just a quick update since its almost been a month.
I am so tired of trying.
I got written up at work today, for substandard performance.
It is one step away from being fired.
How did this get like this?
How am I such a bad employee?
I'm so exhausted from crying,
and can't even turn to artwork when I feel like this.
My paints literally have dust on them.
So please, send me some good vibes.
My little man asleep in bubble wrap.