Colored pencil obsession

A bit of a blurry picture--sucks to live in a basement. 
I have been poring over books and forums (namely WetCanvas) on colored pencil.
The things that these artists can do!!

Bonnie Sheckter
This picture is on Ann Kulenberg's site. This is done in
C O L O R E D   P E N C I L
Blows my mind
There are some amazing colored pencil artists.
Just check out the website for Colored Pencil Society of America.
I am immersed in increasing my drawing skills,
learning color (yep, i've had fun making color wheels!)
and learning the versatility of colored pencils.
They are semi-transparent, therefore layering can become
a rich and beautiful result. 


Recent drawings

Slowly, over the past month or two,
I have been easing back into art-making.
ballpoint pen for marble, markers for border

I'm even exploring an idea, inspired by a quote from Law and Order:
"An eye for an eye leaves the whole word blind."
Beginning of colored pencil painting


The art of breakfast

I have come out of hibernation.
I am s l o w l y doing different art projects.
I can not tell you how GOOD it feels to 
want to rush home from work so you can draw, paint, dream.
I still need to photograph the few things I have done, 
and then I will post them.
Until then...if you do not know the artwork of
Danny Gregory, you absolutely must 
watch his drawing video, The Art of Breakfast
**Obviously if you do know and love Danny,
you clearly know you must see this video too**
It is beautifully shot (by his son), a piece of art in its own right.
To see Danny in his element is inspiring.
I hope to be posting much more often.