Colored pencil obsession

A bit of a blurry picture--sucks to live in a basement. 
I have been poring over books and forums (namely WetCanvas) on colored pencil.
The things that these artists can do!!

Bonnie Sheckter
This picture is on Ann Kulenberg's site. This is done in
C O L O R E D   P E N C I L
Blows my mind
There are some amazing colored pencil artists.
Just check out the website for Colored Pencil Society of America.
I am immersed in increasing my drawing skills,
learning color (yep, i've had fun making color wheels!)
and learning the versatility of colored pencils.
They are semi-transparent, therefore layering can become
a rich and beautiful result. 

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  1. Dawn, I'm so glad you are back and growing in your talent!! I really really want to hear more about the colored pencils....I am totally clueless and don't know what the heck I'm doing with them....maybe you can keep us up with your new findings and articles about them that have helped you.