Colored Pencil Iris: Finished!

I am proud of myself.
It took a LOT of erasing to get this as accurate
as my skills would allow.
The original (in Arlene Steinberg's book)
is much better (obviously)...but you can definitely tell this is a flower.
I am into week 2 of Flora Bowley's Bloom True e-course.
L-O-V-E it!!! 
I didn't expect to like working on big canvases as much as I have.
Its still hard to "let go" and let intuition guide me...
but I am trusting the process and Flora.


  1. Yea!! Dawn this is beautiful!! Way to go and please keep it up I find colored pencils so inspiring :D

  2. Beautiful iris !!!

    I hope you will show us a bit of your Flora exploration. I love to see when people just go with the flow a little.
    Enjoy and have a great weekend !

  3. Wow Dawn, this is amazingly beautiful. Love this one, and the previous pencil drawings you've made + mandala = so awesome!

    BTW, it wasn't 8 months since I updated my blog. Please change your link in the sidebar to: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ihanna and you will get the updates daily!