More colored pencil work

Hi Folks! Its been awhile, huh? The holidays are never easy for me, and i've been sick for a lot of January. That is what I get for working with toddlers :)
I am working on a few projects at the moment. I decided that I should get back to basics by doing an art journal again. I am doing it differently though; I want to prep all the pages ahead of time and then go in and write my thoughts in later, and add in more decorations if I feel like it. I've done about 6 pages so far, I just need to take some pictures!
Flora Bowley's Bloom True online workshop starts TODAY. I am so excited/nervous. Her paintings is all about using your intuition, getting past your logical brain, your constant negative thoughts...etc. This is such perfect timing for this, but I almost never "let go" when I do art. I think about it (even if its just a paint color), and keep thinking re-working while I do it. I am nervous if I will be able to do it, but I'm going to try.
Lastly, I am working on another tutorial from Arlene Steinberg's "Masterful Color" book. This drawing was much harder than a pear and some grapes. I spent the entire superbowl yesterday sketching it! I realized once I put it on my computer that the top petal is too wide and too short, so it needs to be fixed. That being said, I am proud of my work! I have a hard time drawing, and I got to draw from her line drawing so it was easier...but I think it looks like a flower :)

The next step will be fixing the shape and then start adding some 
colored pencil a la Arlene style.
I think now that I am in a class I will be so much more inspired to 
actually do some artwork instead of putzing around,
doing half-finished projects.
That is what I am hoping, so hopefully this blog will be updated more :)

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  1. Oh, painiting with Flora ?!?! How wonderful ! Not in my budget right now but so very wonderful. I hope you enjoy and fins ways to just let go. Remember, no one is really watching but you ! ;-)

    I hope Feb is healthier than Jan. for you !
    Love and light !