Mega Update

Woops, it has been THREE months since i've updated my blog
Bad me!
I have no excuses except that I am a master of starting projects,
and then never finishing them.
I have a folder full of started projects!
I have a feeling it has to do with my fear of failing/not doing it right.
Anyway-I still have been creating.

I am going to attempt this incredibly difficult colored pencil drawing
of these adorable zebras. I loveeee me some zebras!
The picture is from the reference image library at Wet Canvas,
my amazing source of information on all things art related.
The pictures in the RIL are free from copyright.
I am trying to learn how to draw, but I knew 
that there was no way I could draw these zebras totally freehand.
What I did was drew a grid (1" x 1") on top of the reference picture,
and then drew that same size grid on my tracing paper.
I then just copied what I saw grid for grid until the zebras were finished.
It was a LONG process, but worth it because I love the outcome!
It has been drawn for weeks now. 
I am too scared to actually start the coloring.

Next up: Homemade Washi tape!
I saw it on Pinterest, an knew I had to try it.
I bought double-sided tape, patterned tissue paper and all natural wax paper.
(found at Whole Foods)
The process was very simple and also very tedious.
You stick the double-sided tape on the back of the tissue paper,
roll over the wax paper with a brayer (or your hands)
Then you just cut out the piece of tape with the wax paper as the adhesive backing!
With the lighter colored tissue papers it was a bit difficult to see the transition
between the tape and the rest of the tissue paper.
Repeat as desired.
I bought a pack of coordinated colors/patterns of tissue paper,
and I think it is a great idea! 
That way if you use it to wrap presents or on a project,
they will all match.
I only cut out a few strips of each, and left the rest to cut out as needed
The end result: So cute!
I also am going to start doing a variation of Project Life
Elise has been doing it on her blog, and I have been so captivated
by the simplicity of recording your life, and the adorable 
pocket pages and variations!
I take a lot of photos with my phone using Instagram,
and I think this would be perfect to actually put those photos in print.
I doubt I will do it weekly, as my life is very boring,
but I have my 2 year olds that deserve their own spot in my
Project Life album.
I ordered the binder and a pack of page protectors from Amazon.
It should be here by early next week!
The monkey card you see above is a journaling card: 3x4
I searched "journaling card printable" on Pinterest
and came up with so many downloadable cards
that I thought my head would explode.
I think that my homemade tape will be a nice decorative element as well.

I still need to update you all on my Bloom True course I took with Flora Bowley
Sadly, my paintings are still unfinished, staring back at me every day.
I haven't picked up the paintbrush since shortly after the course ended.
I think I need structure to actually work on things.
I also was frustrated in adding layer after layer and feeling like I was getting nowhere.
BUT, her course is open for 6 months after it ends, 
so I do plan on going back in and reviewing everything to jumpstart
my passion for that course. 
Because it was amazing.

I think that is all for now :)
I hope I still have some readers left!

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