Zebra Colored Pencil-WIP #1

This is a couple of hours worth of work.
Doesn't look like much, right?
Colored Pencil is a S-L-O-W medium, especially for beginners!
I placed a layer of white in the white stripes for most of
the right zebra, and then started with a layer of 
Indigo Blue on the black stripes.
Blue, you say?
In order to achieve rich black in cp,
layering colors is the answer.
I will start with a layer of Indigo Blue,
then I will use Dark Green, Black Grape and then Tuscan Red.
These are all Prismacolor pencils.
HOPEFULLY this will work to create a nice black.
I am concentrating on finding all the variations in value
in each stripe, which is why it is going to take me about 10 years
to finish this!

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  1. It already looks like its going to be good,look forward to seeing more.