Stencil Makin' and Art Journalin'

I am so much more prolific in my painting when I am taking an online class. I wish I had enough money to continuously take them, at least until I felt confident in my own skills and abilities. Tonight I spent time making some stencils. I want to be able to gradually build up my stencil library, because it is so useful! 

I have been having hand problems. It seems like I can't paint/cut out stencils/do anything with my dominant (left) hand for very long without it starting to become very sore :( I don't know if it is because I grip things too tight, or if it is just a downfall of art-making? Anybody have this problem?

The weather is (finally) starting to get warmer out, and I can't wait to start spray painting again! 

Below is a picture of my stencil/masks that I made tonight, and the last few pages of my art journal. Enjoy!


  1. Those stencils are OUTSTANDING!!! I can't wait to see what you use the "wings" stencil on! So, cool!!! I don't have that hand problem you mentioned so I really don't have a suggestion. Does motrin help? Are there any exercises suggested for this kind of problem. Hope it gets better!

  2. Great stencils! Your pages are beautiful as well. :)
    Much Love