Snow and lots of painting

We got hit with MORE SNOW again over the weekend. Totally crazy. Places like Dulles, and D.C. got slammed with snow. Up to 32" in some points. I can hardly believe it. Here in Cville, we "only" got about 16". Because I was snowed in, I had lots of free time. I wish I could sleep with my art journal, I love it so much :)

I don't have many words to say, so I shall just post pictures.



In the middle of shoveling out my car. I never want to shovel again!

 Now, onto painting


  1. with all of your pictures of the snow, i was going to invite you down here to florida.....but it looks like you're quite happy there creating wonderful things in your journal!! what beautiful, vibrant pages.....fabulous! stay warm! :))

  2. Sitting here in Springfield, right outside DC, and it's SNOWING AGAIN. Ugh. It des give me lots of journal time though!

  3. That triangle page is the bomb! Love it.

    Stay warm in the snow!