Still here

Hi, friends.
I'm still here, but still struggling.
I've pulled out my pens for some aimless
doodling (something that does NOT come natural to me),
but thats about it. I think my desk is dusty.
It still is taking all my effort 
to go to work each day. 
My uncle has advanced pancreatic cancer,
and is in a medically induced coma.
He is not expected to make it through the week.
I am so, so sad.
For my aunt, for my cousins.
For my family.
Update: Uncle Mike passed away tonight.
I have no words for the sadness.
Love to my family

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  1. hi dawn.....i'm glad you had a chance to play with your art pens. it's amazing how a little doodling can free our minds, if only for a few moments! i'm sorry that your uncle isn't doing well.....i'll be saying a prayer for all of you. xox