Experimenting with Watercolors

First off: Thank you so much for your support
I took everyone's advice and just created.
I surrounded myself with my favorite supplies
(that can be done in front of the tv...not ready to paint yet)
I was inspired by Daisy Yellow 
Check out her blog!
Its awesome!
and her Cityscapes, so I decided to just doodle.
I created some rectangles and tried to free my mind.
I am making a concerted effort to try and doodle more,
because I suck at it! 
 It is getting easier to just draw whatever comes to mind
I didn't think it would
I scoffed that I could let myself just go.
Well, I was wrong :)
It does get easier the more you do it
Next, I experimented with my watercolors
I've had them for awhile, but always went to the acrylic paint.
Truth be told, watercolors intimidate me
Last night I decided (with everyone's kind words in my mind)
to just put the paint to the paper.
I have much to learn, but it was FUN
Yay :)


  1. Wow!!! This is amazing!!! You CAN do watercolors!! I love Daisy Yellow's blog too! So glad you got our your supplies and played :D

  2. you go girl!!! your doodle is fabulous.....i would love to live in this bright, cheery city!!! keep on keepin' on!!!! xox, :))

  3. fun is what it's all about and this turned out great!!

  4. Yay Dawn! Great to see you back creating again! And I love your cityscape! :)

  5. The paint is brilliant! The colors bring your doodles to life. So happy to see you are doodling and adding color to your days. It really makes a difference.