Coloring Birdies, and Painting Pottery

In case you haven't noticed, I love Eden's blog.
Last week, she did one of her awesome birdie drawings,
and decided to stop at the line drawing, 
letting us color in the little guys ourselves!!
I needed an activity where all I needed to do was
sift through my box of markers and color.
This picture doesn't show it, but the birdies "skin" is colored using sparkly gel pens.
Thanks Eden for this fun little activity. I loved it!
Sunset shot whilst driving home. I don't recommend doing this, but I couldn't resist
This weekend I went to Annapolis with some friends
to paint some pottery. I've never done that before, and it was F-U-N
My friends knew I desperately needed a fun day, 
and they are sweet enough to make it an arty day.
blank moon canvas and colors
working on the sun
friend #1
friend #2
rare shot of me working!


  1. Lots of sweet "cathartic creativity" going on here, Lovely Dawn. Brava to you for using that good tool. And here's a big Yay for good friends !

  2. your coloring page from eden is so much fun!!!! and speaking of fun.....how about that pottery party?!!! i love your sun and moon (and your friends painted up some snazzy mugs, too!!!). xox

  3. I would LOVE to go to a POTTERY Party!! Love it!! I love the items you picked out!! What is it about doing stuff with our hands and our friends that grounds us? Relaxes us???

    Love your version of the TURKEY bird!! I wish you'd reconsider submitting it!! I have so few entries and you do like starbucks right???

  4. Love the colouring turkey pic. Gorgeouis sunset.
    Keep going with the Zentangles.FANTASTIC for relaxing and energising!!I LOVE doing the Zen Doodles!!I am slowly improving in mt drawing, and that's inspiring me as well. I love Eden's site too!!!