Zentagles a form of "cheating?"

I love the idea of Zentangles.
A structured form of doodling!
Perfect for people like me who's mind goes blank when trying to doodle.
I have never been a doodler, but when I ran across the
Zentangle website, I was awed. 
These were intricate pieces of artwork, and were structured!
The thing is, I feel guilty.
I would love to be able to let my mind go and make beautiful
doodles, like Eden or Lori or Dawn.
To me these are super-creative forces.
I have to think, plan for any sort of design.
With both of these Mandalas, much of it was Zentangle inspired,
or inspired by other doodlers around Flickr.
I like the end result, but it feels like cheating
What do you think?

On another note, I received War of Art by Debra!
I have made partially through the first chapter.
I have to read it in slow, small doses...Resistance at its finest!
Check out the lovely gifts Debra sent me!!
I have always coveted her handpainted papers, but to see them in person..
pure joy and happiness. 
And check out the awesome stitching!
The blue bookmark is this really cool plasticy material.
I hope that I can really take in the book.
Still slow going around here


  1. Zentangling cheating??? I've been cheating for a year now, and I LOVE IT!! I've also found new 'tangling' coming out of me spontaneously...so I guess for me it's a form of homework if you will.

    You will love that book, I did! Those are some cool fabrics you received. Please show us what you do with them....

    All the best girl :D

  2. Wow! Just found you and we could be twinsies! LOL! Fear i understand the fear of not being good enough. Fear of feeling embaressed, foolish. I let it stop me from so much in life. Well my blog is my journey to overcome that fear. I have so many half finished pieced of artwork lying around its NOT funny. To finish is to stand back and say 'there its done. This is the best i can do. its finished' that terrifies me.

    Anyway i just wanted you to know that on some of your previous posts that could have been me writing those words. deb

  3. I don't think Zentangles are cheating. It is just one tool, one techinique, to getting your creativity expressed.
    Learning that comparing yourself to others, whether for the art your make, the life you lead, the money you make or whatever, always becomes a trap for feeling inadequate ! Making art because it just feels good for the SOUL makes the best art, I think.
    Keep on creating, Artist Girl !

  4. well, if zentangles is considered cheating, you're in good company because we're all doing it!!! you did a fantastic job creating these mandalas and i truly hope you continue on with it!! you go girl!!!!

    p.s. and thanks SO much for your kind words and linky love.....you're an absolute sweetie-pie!!! xoxo

  5. I don't think zentangles are cheating it is simply a new art form one that has really taken off lately and I have just discovered. I now have two blogs with mandalas done with some zentangle. Posts Mandalas and Different Drummer on http:young-eclectic-encounters.blogspot.com
    Glad to have found your blog.
    Johnina :^A

  6. No, not cheating at all, no such thing as cheating when creating :) You still bring your OWN style/fave elements/motifs no matter what art tool you use. While the term zentangle is new, the concept isn't but what the new term has done (and kudos to the creators of this term and providing a structure) has done is opened a door of creative opportunity to those who didn't think they could be creative.

    Your mandala is lovely:)