NaNoJoMo, Colored Pencils and assorted thoughts

I was hoping I was getting my mojo back,
but it is coming ever so slowly in fits and starts.
At least I am still interested and inspired
even if I don't sit down at my art desk very often.
That being said, I have been intrigued by
Dawn Sokol's NaNoJoMo prompt for art journaling this month.
Every day (the idea taken from NaNoWrMo) she posts
a word prompt on her blog, and you just have to put
something down on the page. It doesn't have
to be a full spread, even a mark will do!
Of course, I'm a "gotta finish" this page
before I move onto the next kind of gal.
So, I've done Day One so far. Woops
Inception was the word.
I immediately thought of the movie, and knew I wanted
to try and draw the little spinny thingy that Leonardo DiCaprio
uses to ground him, lets him know he's not dreaming.
That movie was fantastic and surreal.
I really connected with having a solid object 
that keeps you grounded.
This may sound sort of crazy, but Jack does that for me.
At night if I have trouble sleeping, I can cuddle with Jack
and it calms me.
I have also been fascinated by the work people can do with colored pencils.
Arlene Steinberg
This is all done with colored pencils!
Fascinating is it?
I am amazed the perserverance that goes into colored pencil work.
It takes hours and hours of patiently layering light layers
of colors to get this look. I pretty much know I don't
have that kind of patience, yet  I want to try.
I bought a book called Painting Light with Colored Pencil
and played in my moleskine last night.
I am still brewing ideas for these paintings I have to make
for my aunts. 
I'm scared that they won't turn out good enough.


  1. Inspiration comes from so many places. I think the key to getting mojo to reflow is to do just what you are doing...play until the loosens things up again. Enjoy the process !

  2. cats are wonderful things; their ability to comfort and calm isn't at all crazy! i certainly miss my kitties when i am away from them. yours is quite a handsome one!

    the drawing of marbles is absolutely incredible; i actually thought it was a photograph before i read your caption. amazing!

    thanks for sharing!
    and thanks for the link to my blog, too - i do appreciate it!


  3. Oh, I've heard so much about that movie....gotta see it!! Good page for the prompt, Dawn. I am amazed at that colored pencil picture you posted!! Wow!! I have no clue about those pencils, I will add your recommendation to my book list :D