A stomach virus wiped me out for most of last week.
My "schedule" to finish my Sketchbook came to a screeching halt.
Art House actually extended the deadline to Tuesday,
but I am not sending it in.
My dear friend Sophie will be sad, but thats ok.
I learned A LOT through doing this.
See, even sickness preoccupied my sketchbook!
(I love my Canada Dry symbol)
I learned that I need to come up with a more focused plan.
I chose In Flight as a theme, with the idea
that I would show my journey through the art world in my Sketchbook.
Sounds good in theory, but means that I meandered.
A lot.
Eden performed spectacularly. 
I want to have more structure next time.
Either stay with one media, or do the same type of drawings...
I don't know yet.
I also know I am going to sign up for it earlier.
I signed up as soon as I found out last year,
but many themes were already gone.
Maybe if I find a theme that really calls out to me
I will be more inspired.
I also learned that it is OK that I didn't finish.
That may not seem like a big deal,
but for me it is.
I am quick to see myself as a fraud, a failure.
I was tempted to do that when I (again) didn't finish a project.
I decided that this was a great learning experience for me.
There are many pages I don't like, or are only half finished.
I just don't want to put that out into the world,
but I will be that much better next year!
I'm still going to finish the Sketchbook,
because there are many things  I do love about it.


  1. Wow! Dawn, that mandala ROCKS!! Hope you're feeling better and I just wanted to encourage you to turn it in....what no one needs is extra pressure about something like this. I'm glad that you gained alot of knowledge about what works for you in your art! You are by no means a FRAUD or fa*&@re....don't even go there!! Just keep doing what makes you happy, that's all there is to it :D

  2. Oh Dawn I'm sorry to hear that you got so sick and that if affected finishing your sketchbook. The Art House Co-Op has an on-line space for the artists to upload 12 photos of their work though, so maybe you can pick your best stuff and still share digitally and connect to the rest of the people that way...
    Best wishes from germany, tj

  3. HI Dawm, I'm so glad that you commented on my blog--now I found yours. I'm so impressed with you sketches and artwork and how you take the simple things and turn them into something so interesting. And I think it's excellent that you did as much as you did for the Sketchbook Project--it keeps your creativity going-don't stop!

  4. Oh Dawn, I am reading my own thoughts in your post - it is crazily similar. I had 5 pages to go and lots of work to do for the day job and I had decided to accept it was ok not to turn mine in, no pressure. But the extension has put me in a whirl, was I using the deadline as a way to hide from people seeing and judging my work etc? I had to share with you. My new plan is to turn it in,I am going to colour phototcopy it so I have a record of it but it is going, as it was the push that got me back into working with purpose and my work IS GOOD ENOUGH, despite my fears and worries, infact the last 5 pages are really free and lack the thought and precision that messes me up!!!! Another thought was to say what about writing down all the themes that were on the site that you are drawn to and then when you next want to do a sketchbook for yourself you have some starting points - I plan to do this. I found your blog through the sketchbook project and now you are on my reader as I loved your pieces so much. Either way - if you turn it in you have been brave and put your art out there -if you don't you have the jumping off point for many a new project, maybe a larger scale art work? love and hugs Carolxxx

  5. What a crafty person you are....on my best day, I could NEVER do this kind of shit. Ever.