More drawing practice...

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I pray that its just the winter and that
I am an extraordinarily lazy person...
because I have been sleeping SO MUCH.
Last weekend I slept, and worked on this painting.
I won't even tell you how many hours it took
to draw all those boxes in perspective,
and there are a ton of errors still!
I didn't color the inside of the boxes because 
I was sick of it at that point.
Still. I am proud of how it turned out.
This has been my next drawing project.
I've worked on this for awhile now.
TIP: Do your sketches on tracing paper. It is cheap and very erasable.
Tonight I opened photoshop and placed my sketch
next to the actual picture.
I think seeing them side by side (and on screen)
will help me correct some of the proportion/shape errors.
And this kitty sketch is only about 2 hours into it!
I know I am not really going to make the likeness of Jack,
but I DO want to make it look like a kitten.
Big ears, small adorable face.
We shall see.

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  1. Hi Dawn...your kitty is cute. Cats are difficult to draw, I think. Yikes, I can only imagine how long the boxes took you to draw. Hope you are having a great weekend!