A blue bottle...started in orange

I've been studying lots of color theory lately.
The thing with colored pencils is, is that they are semi-transparent.
Like watercolors, you can layer colors and they all effect each other.
Something I've read a lot about for colored pencil paintings
is that by doing an underpainting in the complementary color(s)
first, it adds more depth to the final piece.
So...that is what I am trying to do!
Can you guess what color I aim for this bottle to be when I'm finished?


  1. I am the last person that you should ask since I have not one artsy bone in my body....

  2. Hey, I'm just wondering if you ever sent out the book I won, since I never received it and you didn't reply to my e-mail...

  3. Hi Ieva...sorry i haven't gotten back to you. I did send it...back in April/May? I don't remember, but I do know I sent it. I am so sorry you haven't gotten it :( I will look through my art books tomorrow and see if I have something else I can send you.