I must remember...

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I need to try and remember that this is the BEGINNING of my art journey. I JUST started doing this. I can't be perfect. No one is. It will take me time to learn and come in my own. Caterpillars don't become butterflies overnight, right?

I also need to try and go a little easier on myself. I get frustrated when I get stuck. I get into that same old negative thinking. "I suck. I am NOT creative. No one would want to look at these. Why can't I just find something to do with my life?" etc...etc... I felt this way right before I made the journal entry above. I spent a week holed up in bed during my free time. I was dog/house-sitting and couldn't go to the gym after work, and decided doing nothing was preferable.

One evening while out walking the dogs, I noticed the most beautiful butterfly. The colors only approximate what the butterfly looked like. It gave me inspiration to paint again, and what came out of it I really like.

If only I could remember this when I get so easily frustrated.

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