More Art Journalling

This is another pre-Julie class. I had just bought some Golden Fluid Acrylics, and was testing them out in my journal.

This was the opposite spread of that page. I wrote things that I was inspired by to help me get going!

This spread I was less than enthused with. It has about 17 layers of paint trying to cover up my mistakes. I haven't written in it, and actually have moved on from this spiral journal I was working in. Spiral wasn't really working for me

This was a spread from Julie's class. I REALLY like how it turned out. I woke up one day with the lyrics "Free your mind and the rest will follow." How appropriate! That lyric would NOT leave my brain for days, nor had I even heard that song. I knew it was some sort of sign that it needed to go in my journal. Now, if I could only follow that advice.

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