Just feel like doodling

My poor, poor art desk.
It has gotten no love in so long.
I sunk into a depression hole,
and when I started climbing out of it,
my uncle passed away.
It has been a rough few months,
but I think and hope that I am out of the worst of it.
I still don't have much energy for sitting down
at my desk and really working on a painting.
But, I have been trying to play
with my watercolors
(I can lay on the living room floor with those!)
and just doodling.
I really really loved this one...until I marked in the black
rain/tear drops.
Oh well, I still like it...I like the colors
and drips.
Just trying to get a feel on how to use
my watercolors.
Such a different beast than acrylics!
Created tonight in honor of my Uncle
The colors are a little washed out in this photos.
All I did was put the paint down, let it dry
and found shapes for the drawing.
These were fun! I babysit for a family on Sundays,
and a few Sundays ago I brought in an art project for them to do.
You put down masking tape on a piece of paper
and color around it.
Simple and easy.
I can see how this could turn into fun exploration
of negative space.


  1. Dawn, I love your use of color here!! I hope that these will help to ease your pain at your recent loss! What a fun babysitter you must be!! Keep it up :D :D

  2. I like the last one the best, but wow....all are lovely.

  3. your watercolor doodle pages are fabulous.....and my favorite is the one you created for your uncle. isn't it amazing how healing art can be?!! and thanks for the masking tape idea......how fun!!! :))