First Snow!!!

The first snow is so beautiful, isn't it? I threw on sweatpants and a sweatshirt, wrapped my camera in a plastic bag and braved the slippery roads. I am glad I did it, even for one gorgeous picture.

I seem to get so stuck on doing actual "paintings" for other people. When I am just playing in my journal, I am not worried about how it turns out nearly as much. I have a painting that has been sitting unfinished for months now for a friend, and a painting (that my cat spilled water all over this morning!) that I need to finish for my mom by Christmas that is also stuck. I don't like what comes out. Is it because I need to have a clear idea of what will the final product be, and I can't see that? I also think I have these color schemes in mind, but they don't mesh. I don't know, but it is frustrating. Ideas? Tips?

I had my work holiday party last night...and I wanted to be "Most Festive", so I put together and incredible ugly christmas outfit. Here are a couple pictures of me decorating purple spandex.


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  1. Beautiful photograph. There is nothing quite like the first snow!