Winter Wonderland, Part II

Today's efforts were aimed at un-burying our cars. Thing is, we didn't have a shovel. My roommate fashioned one out of two baking sheets, a broom and duct tape! Very clever, except the broom handle busted about 5 minutes in. The rest was just trying to shovel with a baking sheet. Luckily, some VERY kind neighbors laughed at us, and then shoveled out my roommate's car. My car though has a pile of plowed snow behind it about 5 feet high, and 3 feet wide. I attempted to dig out the snow on my car with the baking sheet, and realized the fruitless effort and gave up. I took pictures instead. My work will be closed tomorrow, so my plan will be to beg, borrow or steal a snow shovel!

More pictures...I hope everyone who got blasted with this storm is safe!

(My car is under there somewhere!)

My car from the right side.

Me attempting to clear snow off my car with a baking sheet. Haha.

Where car ends and snow begins are as one

When I gave up.

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