Its almost 2010!

Crazy, eh? I hope everyone has had a joyful and peaceful holiday! I traveled up to NY to visit family. Ate too much food, exercised none and enjoyed the company of my extended family. Not too bad. Santa also treated me very well. Today I slept in, spent all my christmas money (plus some), cleaned/organized my apartment...and rocked out to this bad boy that my dad so awesomely  bought me.

That's right, vinyl is coming back! I have been wanting a record player (and more specifically, THIS record player) for a few years now, but could never pull the trigger. I have had some vinyl my dad gave me (amazing music taste!) and some I had already bought knowing I would someday own one...and on Christmas morning...****HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH** I opened this.
My dad is the best. I spent today listening to such classics as:


So glorious. There is nothing better than listening to your favorite music, dancing, and feeling like you are THERE in the studio with them.
I am hoping that this break home, and excitement over music again will help spur my creative slump. I brought with me a travel kit to do art journaling with, and didn't even take it out of my car! Bad me!
I also bought this book by Traci Bautista:
that I hope will help inspire me. I LOVEEEEE her bold, colorful work. I could drool at her website for hours if I felt like it. She has tons of wonderful ideas in here that I just need to try. It is just the TRYING that gets me. I just don't feel like sitting down and doing it.

What I think what will really get me moving is Ms. Carmen Torbus. I have been wanting to take her Spill It! workshop since it came out in October, and finally took the plunge. Hurry up, because there are only THREE more days left to sign up!
My money has been over-spent, but I can not wait to be inspired by Carmen's work.

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  1. Hi Dawn! Thanks for the shout out. I can't wait to see what you create in the workshop!