Sometimes you just gotta force yourself...

To sit down and put paint to the page. This is what I did tonight. I had everything a girl could want: Awesome music set up, a glass of wine, paint and paper ready to go, a video from Carmen to inspire me, and yet...I did NOT want to do it! I'd rather stare into empty space apparently. I decided that I have had enough of this creative, apathetic slump! I put on Bill Withers-Live at Carnegie Hall (SO GREAT), grabbed my wine and picked out some of my favorite blues and greens. It does feel good to be creative again. I don't know if this will hold, but I am glad I made myself do it. Apparently its just like going to the gym, most of the problems with me is the getting there. Once I'm there, I usually am ok.

I miss the days when I used to come home from work, bursting with energy at all the possibility! Now the possibilities seem overwhelming, so the easiest thing to do is avoid them. This is a trend in my life. Hmm...

Anyway, this is my first spread in the journal I made in Julie Prichard's class a long time ago. I am using this journal just to experiment new things. I hope, anyway.


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