Free Art Course?

WIllow is offering a free art course!
I actually just found her through other bloggers
and her ning site looks pretty awesome.
You should take a look,
the course starts on Oct 18th
While we are checking out online classes,
I can't reccomend Julie Prichard's classes enough.
Her new one  Texture Town looks awesome.
I just have to find money! 
Since I don't know how to embed youtube video,
click on the link below to watch a preview.

1 comment:

  1. I have just GOTTA sign up for Texture Town! I have been dithering back & forth because I really shouldn't spend the money...but it looks like it just may be the best Julie/Chris class yet, and they have all been excellent! I hope we're classmates again!

    Have you signed up for Willowing's then? I took her very first "Whimsy" course with her, and it was a great experience. Very warm & cozy, with lots of support all around.