Drawing Practice...

Want to see awful drawings?
I thought so.
I have been taking the lessons over at the
Wet Canvas Forums...
and its hard work,
and I suck!
reference photo (taken by me)

Actual drawing
first of all, horrible photo.
it is so blurry because i took it at night, indoors.
second of all, not one die is the same shape!!
third of all, the shading is atrocious
fourth of all, even though I wrote out all the lines so they hit the Vanishing Line,
there are a couple that are clearly incorrect.
I could go on, but I won't.

Ahh the (blurry, again) Chair Picture
I wrote my indiscretions right on the wall!
I really am struggling with posting this one, mainly because of its bluriness

Attempt one at drawing boxes in perspective.
The middle box is all sorts of messed up,
so I was asked to do it again!
There it is, again.
I was sick of these damn boxes, so I simplified it.
The perspective is at least correct.
Easier to understand in theory vs putting into practice.
 Ok, so I am editing this to say I wrote this
during a "pity party" moment!
Ha. I want to delete it, but I won't.
No one can be good all the time, right?


  1. hey....i thought you said you were going to show photos of "awful drawings".....where are they?? i think your drawings here are wonderful! keep in mind that drawing is REALLY difficult....especially when you throw in all of that perspective stuff!! keep putting that pencil to paper.....you're doing a great job!!
    xox, :)))

  2. I can appreciate your frustration in drawing. I am right there with you. Keep it up. You are doing great

  3. Oh, I think you are so hard on yourself! Part of the learning process and looks like you are coming along very nicely. I certainly had this misconception that drawing meant you had super magical talent, but really it's about practice! It's a skill and must be learned like walking for babies :) Keep it up!

  4. Good for you for your bravery in sharing...I agree drawing sucks! Just to let you know there are 2 kinds of artists: visual (those lucky so-and-sos who can render what they see) and haptic (the rest of us who draw more of our experience, we tend to struggle with rendering but that doesn't make us any less creative or artistic!). Thanks goodness for photos--if I want it to look exactly like the thing I can take a photo...my art is my expression. It's great to practice and keep limber, but don't kill yourself over it!

  5. Just keep going, and going, and going. One day you will start loving your lines and any quirkiness to your perspective will be uniquely yours! Practice, it's all practice. And I love the dice, by the way! ~ Tammy