War of Art

I've heard about this book from quite a few
respected bloggers, and also the title just captures me.
I think of art a war for me.
It is a constant battle to believe I'm worthy, creative...etc.
I feel like I'm on a losing streak. 
posted a giveaway for this book.
Synchronicity at its best.
Plus she has the same exact music taste as me,
and well...that is always a bonus :)
So go over there and enter yourself to win this book!
(Or not, so I can...hehe)

PS: Thank you for your concern...I'm still in a rough spot,
and only time will tell how well I deal.
If I am away too long, feel free to come 
kick me in the ass.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you get over your rough spot soon. Thanks for the heads up about this giveaway.