Experiment Journal: Pages in Progress (I still have Art ADD)

I am AMAZED that I am STILL feeling creative!!! Its been like two whole weeks! This is amazing for me. *Rock on!!*

Here are a couple of pages I have in progress....

Zentangle-like doodle in my tracing of my hand. I am using Micron pens...boy do I love them.

I first tried a spray of acrylic paint + water. It didn't quite have the effect I intended. I was trying to replicate spray inks...but my straw on my spray bottle doesn't reach to the bottom, and I don't want half a bottle filled with one color for just a few sprays! I like the mottled effect, just needs to be tweaked. The papers glued down are some of the paste papers I made.

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  1. I really like the hand and I will be interested to see how the orange colored one emerges. Keep us posted, yes?