Re-Organization and a journal entry

Tonight, I decided I have had enough of my wayyyyyy too cramped space with my ever-growing art fanaticism. Therefore, I emptied my bookshelf of all my books and cds...and made room for my art stuff. Sorry books and cds! I have thrown them in the living room, and will deal with them later. haha! I took pictures of my newly re-decorated space. Now, I live in a tiny apartment, so my art "studio" is in a corner in my bedroom. I had to make do.

Where all my art supplies have gone to, where books and cds used to be.

The right side of my desk with the beginnings of my color mixing chart I have begun.

Next to my desk, all my paints and brushes. Mmmmm. Makes me happy.

My books. I spend a LOT of time at Barnes and Noble reading books, but I can't afford many. The journal on the top right is all homemade! :)

Bin #1: Paper and Ephemera.

Bin #2: Stamping materials

Bin #3: Book Binding stuff

Bin #4: Pens/Markers. Glorious, isn't it?

Bin #5: Stenciling stuff

Bin #6: Watercolors-in a pan, in a crayon, and in pencil form.

Last, but certainly not least, a journal entry I did last night after I found out my Uncle has prostate cancer. The prognosis doesn't look good.

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