Making another journal

I finally got around to making a journal that I learned in Julie Prichard's SuperNova class. I wanted to wait until I had enough art journal entries to make a book.

After many tries, I finished it! I am SO not a sewer...and this stitch took me a few tries to figure it out. It was more unwieldy than anything else. I also made some too loose, other too tight...but it works.

The cover was inspired by a picture of Munich in the winter. Gorgeous teals and crimson reds covered in a soft layer of snow. Beautiful.

The stitching on the outside. Messy, but thats ok, it was my first try.

And some inside peeks of the pages...most of which have been posted here anyway.

Hope everyone had a great weekend creating.


  1. Ohh! I love to see it with the journal pages in there all finished and pretty. Nice job!