Inspiration coming out of my ears!

WARNING: May be a long post. I have been inspired these past few days. Oh, how good that feels. Instead of words, here are a bunch of pictures.

      My "Inspiration Board" It is foam board, and falls down every other day despite the duct tape on the back! I thought duct tape was indestructible. GRR. One day I'll do a proper one, but this will do for now. It is in its infancy stages, but I like it. The quote around the outside is by the Indigo Girls. "When you learn to love yourself, you will dissolve all the stones that are cast."  I use that as my inspiration, because I hope one day to believe it! (Sorry for the blurry picture, but I'm too lazy to try and get a better one)

Halloween. I personally did not do anything, except made treat bags for all the kids at work. I wanted to make them a little more exciting than just kitschy gifts they get just as they walk out the door. Also, I had a NO candy rule! Since I shopped for the treats, made them and then handed them out...I managed to stick by the rule :)

All 84 tags made Thursday night at home. Many hours of work.

A small glimpse of what went into the bags...I never took a picture of all the items, but I think they were cool!

6 hours later (at work), all the bags were DONE. This is 2 out of the 4 groups.

Art journals. This one isn't quite finished. I realized (too late) that the spray paint was really too bright of a color to go over the rest of the painting. You can't really paint over oil with acrylics...Also, the paper in the far left corner is too "visible." Oh well...a work in progress, right?

The inspiration for the next painting: My Nonni's (Dad's mom) scarf. She gave it to me last weekend when I commented on how pretty she looked in it! Gotta love grandmothers.

The painting also inspired by The Beatles. I watched a FANTASTIC documentary on Showtime, All Together Now, about getting the Cirque Du Soleil show of The Beatles "Love" in Vegas. So awesome. Now I have to find money and time to fly out there to see it.


  1. the gifts for the kids look great! I love the painting in progress...such pretty colors! and your bird painting is nice too!

  2. Oh GREAT! I love seeing your color inspiration for the last page. Perfect!