Paste Papers

I feel like I have art ADD right now. I want to try EVERYTHING! And I also have art buying syndrome. I want to buy everything too! Bad me. I just got this out of the library yesterday:

Oh, its a beautiful book and I want to make papers look like that! I made the cornstarch recipe, and today tried my hand at it.

My first attempt. The colors are off because these were taken in my awful lighting in the bathroom, as these are hanging to dry over my shower. I don't really like the design, but it IS my first attempt.
Second attempt. Better. I experimented playing with a paintbrush to make this design. Ok.

Third attempt. My favorite. I love the pattern here, and all I did was use one of those can-opener helper thingys. You know, that you put over a jar that is hard to open and it helps with the grip? One of those things.

A few things I have learned.
1. It is hard to get a uniform amount of paste over the paper. Suggestions?
2. I can only get the thinnest of layers on, and if I try to add more on top, all it does is move it around and create more un-uniformity. Not a word, but you get what I mean, right?

I really like the idea of playing with paste papers, but it is way harder than I thought. Maybe I made it wrong?

UPDATE: These dried, I ironed them, and I think they look so much better dried! Yay! I can imagine this will be an addicting habit.
Peeking in the back are a couple painted journal pages. Those will be shown later.


  1. Dawn, these papers are fab! I love them...and I got so tickled by your opening comment on the post..."art ADD"....that's hilarious!!!!


  2. I have no idea about these...but they really look pretty!