Do you subscribe to an art magazine?

Does anyone subscribe to an art magazine?
I get every Art Journaling magazine that comes out
But was wondering if people follow the art world at all?
No new journal pages.
Me and Depression are in a fight.
I did wake up to Jack in my roommate's laundry bag this a.m.


  1. No I don't subscribe to any. I'll get somerset's Art Journalling when I see it on the stands and if it looks enticing. That's a good question and I'll be following the answers.

  2. Hi Dawn,
    I’ve gotten The Artist Magazine for years and am ready to drop it after it expires soon. They seem so repetitive and feature realistic art to the exclusion of abstraction, experimental, or book/journal art. One I do like is Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Do you recommend Art Journaling? I’ve been thinking of buying/subscribing to it. Thanks for visiting my blog and happy creating!

  3. I do recommend finding any and all Art Journaling Magazines. They are superb. I have thumbed through them at multiple times. Full of beautiful journals and inspiration.

  4. That is the cutest picture ever~! Makes me smile. I also suffer from depression, which is why I got into art journaling to begin with. *hugs*
    I can't WAIT for the next AJ magazine to come out! ;) hehe
    Much Love