A stormy journal spread

I like that word, stormy. It just says so much.
You can picture the dark colors swirling around
in a sea of anguish, agony, fury.
A lyric from one of my very favorite songs,
from one of my very favorite bands (U2)
"Stolen from the sea, a storm blows up in her eyes
and she is raging, she is raging."

This is how I've been feeling lately, and I'm so afraid it will get worse.
As I posted earlier, my best friend/roommate is
moving back to NY in August.
We've lived together for 5.5 years.
That is a long time. 
This is an adjustment that I KNOW will be difficult.
I can't even bear to look at apartments right now,
and I know I need to find another roommate
and I SO do not want to. It won't be even remotely the same.

Anyway, I sat down today and this poured out of me.
I like when that happens, because it usually isn't that easy.
At least the weather here is gorgeous.


  1. So much great texture here Dawn! Keep painting, it will make you feel better. :)

  2. thanks paula! i am trying. :)