Painting Galore

Today was a cold, wet, rainy day here in VA.
After being called into work (boo!),
Going to the gym to find out the class was moved (boo!),
I NEEDED to paint. I put on some rockin' cds
(Can anyone say Thriller?)
And went to town.
I really, really love the format of my music book.
I love the creativity it allows me to have using two colors.
Plus, I love figuring out if the page matches the music.
I have had lyrics first, and made the page according to those,
and I have had the page painted first and found
lyrics based on that. I like both methods.
Take a look!

And a page from my Big Journal. 
This page went through MANY incarnations.
Mostly a hate/hate situation.
I tried using colors I don't normally gravitate towards,
and it just wasn't working. Hmmmm.
I don't hate the final result, nor do I love it.
It does look better than this picture.
There are more reds, and it is more vibrant overall.

Solar System


  1. you journal pages are great.....and i love your solar system!!! :))

  2. These are so wonderful Dawn! I love the texture in the last page... but I was just struck with the quote in your second picture. How true!!
    Much Love