Love Letters

Another month, another crusade!! 

Michelle Ward's crusade for the month of February was "Love Letters." She loves Xs and Os and challenged everyone to make a spread with them in honor of Valentines Day.
I was resistant to this spread..obviously, since its March 1 and I FINALLY am finished with it!
I made myself sit down a few days ago and start the page, and forced myself to finish it
tonight even though I didn't love it. I still don't, but thats ok.

Here it is, hope you enjoy! And if you haven't, join in Michelle's next crusade next month.


  1. wow, literally the 11th hour....not too many minutes before midnight! dawn, your x's remind me of a You Are Here on a map...and the circles look like they could be a topography map! thanks for plugging in and getting it done, and sharing with the team :)

  2. For what it's worth I really like your page!!! My favorite part is the "crossroads" inside your x. I've checked out almost all of the teams pages and No One had that creative thought! I love it, being at a crossroads in my life right now, it really appeals to me!! Very original, girlfriend!! xoSusan

  3. you've got lots of great movement and wonderful color splashes.....it's fabulous!! kudos to you for hanging in there with it!! :))

  4. Love the bright colors on your journal..and not just this one, but your others as well! (love your cat too!) I found you on Julie's "blog love"
    website and now I'm a follower!

  5. You may have been last minute, but I missed completely; so well done you!

  6. I love your pages - the right page looks like paisley! It also has one of my fave color combinations - red and purple.