All over the place

Over the past week or two,
I've had no desire to pick up the paintbrush.
I kinda feel guilty about it,
but the call to draw mandalas
and doodle,
and experiment with different medias
have been too much fun.
I can't ignore that, can I?
Want to take a look at what I've been doing?

I have been practicing my drawing (there are so many great step by step tutorials online!)
in my moleskine...pen for size.
The beginning stages of a zebra.
Definitely the hardest thing I've tried.
Go to www.drawspace.com for free drawing lessons.
I've had fun trying out random shapes
and doodles,
playing with my sparkly gel pens;
revived from the dead!
 I just bought a UniBall Signo white pen...
and oh, people were NOT lying when they
ranted and raved about how awesome it is.
It flows spectacularly,
is bright and just POPS against dark color.
Next up was my BIG journal.
I painted the background black,
and at first tried to use colored pencils.
I don't think they are supposed to color over shiny, acrylic paint.
I tried my Neocolor Crayons.
I doodled some mandalas.
So I went out to Michael's,
 and bought some black cardstock.
Oh, colored pencils worked on that!
I got bored and kinda gave up on it though :)

Should I settle down and find my niche?
I think, eventually.
But this is all along the journey of finding myself,
and for the first time...ever...
I can say that it feels good.


  1. Dawn, I am a firm believer and following where your Muse is telling you to go! No guilt! Really, you never know what little hidden lessons are in these other ventures! I'll have to check out the drawing link. Thanks! I like the elephants and your doodles are so fun :D

  2. Don't settle down, keep exploring. You're so good at it, these examples show that you are on a journey. yay you!

  3. Lovely blog - I just found you via flickr. beautiful artwork - inspiring.

    I'm reading a book at the moment, that I found in the library, called Mandala - luminous symbols for healing by Judith Cornell. It's very good. Interesting that I came across your mandalas at the same time.

  4. i've always believed that whatever you feel like creating at the time, is what you should be creating! i bounce around more than a ball in a tennis match.....i used to think that was "wrong", but now i just go with the flow! keep up the drawing.....it looks like you're having fun, and your elephants and zebra is great!!! xox, :))

  5. Finding a niche is great for some...I personally can't figure out how to do it myself--I like to use Matisse as my model, he did it all! (But hey, niche worked for Monet and those waterlilies, LOL). Three cheers for sparkly gel pens, Signo white pens, and mandalas on black paper! I like using prismacolor pencils on the black paper, myself.

  6. Let creativity take you where it will...love the drawings...the zebra is my favorite....and the doodles shine too!